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Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Nubax: Exercises for Low Back Pain that Works!

Nubax has been used, with great success by sporting greats as part of their exercise regime.

Several well-known sporting teams are utilizing the Nubax Trio as a substitute for traditional exercises for lower back pain within their injury management programs. These sporting teams include:

o    West Coast Eagles (AFL)
o    Western Force (Super 14 Rugby)
o    Melbourne Storm (NRL Rugby League)
o    Australian Men’s Hockey team
o    Australian Women’s Hockey team

Exercise Lower Back Pain – How Nubax Works

stepsLow back pain is triggered by some combination of overuse, muscle strain, and injury to the muscles, ligaments, joints and discs that support the spine. Back pain is generally the result of excessively loading the spine. This results in the compression of the discs, which become dehydrated. Back pain is then caused by direct pressure or contact forces from sensitized neural tissue. Normal function and movement of the spinal structure also becomes limited.

To date the efficacy and mode of effect of traction are still incompletely understood. However, research has shown that even low force traction on the spine relieves pain by separating the vertebra and removing direct pressure from sensitized neural tissue.

The separation of vertebra in turn, appears to promote hydration of the discs and blood flow around the nerve roots and allows for the removal of inflammatory by-products. Effective traction also appears to improve the mobility of soft tissues along the back (muscle, tendon and connective tissues), straighten the spinal curves, improve spinal posture and widen of the vertebral foramen. This is done passively as a substitute for exercises for low back pain

Nubax can be used as an adjunct to exercises for lower back pain or as a substitute for exercise for lower back pain

The Nubax Impact

There’s a reason the Nubax® Trio is the leading natural substitution or adjunct to exercises for lower back pain with a near 100% success rate for many thousands of patients.

The scissor action delivers all the well-researched benefits of traction. The back unilaterally stretched along its length, whilst maintaining the spine in a neutral position. The shoulders and hips are kept in correct alignment.

The CLINICALLY TRIALED Nubax Trio will enable you to relieve lower back pain maintain a healthy pain free back and return you to the life you love to lead.

It will :

  • promote recovery,
    • Regenerate dehydrated discs
    • Allow fluid into the intervertebral cavities
    • reduce pain,
    • help maintain the overall health of your lower back
  • prevent reoccurrence

Nubax Exercises for Lower Back Pain at Home

Nubax can be safely adopted as a self-care strategy at home. Video instructions maximize both the benefits and the comfort of the Nubax Trio. Traction to the spine in the Nubax Trio is totally under the users’ control. This makes the device safe and effective

At 16 and half pounds, the Nubax Trio is fully portable and it can be used anywhere.

Clinical trials at the University of Western Australia concluded users of the Nubax® Trio consistently achieve better results than those people who rely solely on commonly prescribed forms of exercises, manipulation or massage for their back conditions.

Nubax is registered with the TGA, FDA. It conforms to the standards of the European Directives.


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The Nubax device has a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. If your back pain is not reduced you may return our device and we will gladly refund your purchase price.

Additionally, all structural /soft parts are covered under warranty for a full year.