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How To Fix Pain With Spinal Decompression Therapy

How to Alleviate Lower Back Pain with Nubax

Back pain is caused by pressure on nerve roots as a result of compressed and dehydrated spinal discs. Decompressing the spinal discs and nerves, and allowing rehydration of the spinal discs is how to stop lower back pain.


This mechanism of osmosing liquid however, diminishes with age. Experts agree that after the age of 25, your spinal discs have already begun to dehydrate. This troubling phenomenon is the source of the majority of vertebral issues that trouble adults later in life. It is the water between collagen fibrils making cellular transport for natural healing possible.

Rehydration is How to Stop Lower Back Pain

Imagine the difference in ability to absorb shocks between a damp sponge and a dry sponge. One is soft, malleable and regains its shape after pressure. The other is hard and crumbly. Not only does dehydration of discs reduce their ability to absorb shocks, but additionally they wear out much faster. Their structure disintegrates, they deform, they perforate… Providing the optimum rehydrating and healing environment is how to alleviate lower back pain

The Nubax spinal decompression machine proves efficiency of spinal traction and is validated by many clinical tests as the best treatment to fix back pain.

Nubax: How to Fix Back Pain Effectively

There’s a reason the Nubax® Trio’s spinal decompression therapy is the leading natural solution to fixing pain with a near 100% success rate for many thousands of patients.

The Nubax Trio delivers all the benefits of traction/ axial decompression by means of its patented ‘scissor action’. The portable spinal decompression machine stretches the back unilaterally along its length, whilst maintaining the spine in a neutral position. It does this by keeping the shoulders and hips in correct alignment.

The CLINICALLY TRIALED (conducted at the University of Western Australia) Nubax Trio is the best spinal decompression therapy for the treatment for lower back pain and will mean users can maintain a pain free healthy back. It will

  • Return you to the life you loved to lead
  • Increase the flexibility and mobility of your spine
  • Alleviate pressure on the nerve roots and thereby reduce lower back pain
  • Revitalise of your spinal structures, promoting recovery
  • Allow fluid into the intervertebral cavities
  • Regenerate dehydrated discs
  • Prevent future injuries
  • Reduce the constant fear of injuring your back again
  • Resolving hernias or protrusions
  • Release pinched nerves from compressed spaces
  • Resume the correct vertebral positions relative to each other
  • Maintain the overall health of your lower back

The Nubax® Trio spinal decompression machine was designed for ease of use, effectiveness and affordability.

The device is light and portable (7 ½ kg) and recommended to be used twice a day for 3 minutes each. Through our spinal decompression machine, the treatment for lower back pain has now become available in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, how to stop lower back pain has now become affordable.

Nubax can be safely used as an at home self-care strategy for spinal decompression therapy. It comes with video instructions to educate on both the benefits and the comfort of the device. Nubax traction to the spine is totally under the users’ control.


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All structural /soft parts are covered under warranty for a full year and the device carries a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. If your back pain is not reduced through spinal decompression therapy using Nubax Trio you may return it and we will gladly refund your purchase price.