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How to Strengthen Lower Back

Lower back strengthening exercises that work with Nubax

Immobilisation, injury, lack of use and age lead to a gradual stiffening of our backs.


At this stage people many of us seek lower back strengthening exercises.

Are All Back Strengthening Exercises Effective?

However many clinical trials have established that outcomes for back mobility and pain reduction is vastly improved (by over 90%) with the use of spinal traction.

Spinal traction reduces the pressure forces on the vertebrae, nerve roots and releasing water maximises the recuperative and mobile properties of a person’s spine.

Using the Nubax twice a day for 3 minutes is how to strengthen your back and simultaneously maximise the healing of your spine

There’s a reason the Nubax® Trio is the leading natural solution to how to strengthen your lower back pain with a near 100% success rate for many thousands of patients.

Nubax’s patented ‘scissor action’ delivers all the benefits of traction by stretching the back unilaterally along its length, whilst maintaining the spine in a neutral position and keeping the shoulders and hips in correct alignment.

The Nubax Difference

The CLINICALLY TRIALED Nubax Trio will enable you to relieve lower back pain maintain a healthy pain free back and return you to the life you love to lead. It will :

  • Improve your flexibility and mobility, with no regard to your age
  • Relax without the constant fear of injuring your back again
  • Resolves hernias or protrusions
  • Realigned Vertebrae
  • Release pinched nerves
  • Rehydrate spinal structures

The Nubax® Trio was designed for ease of use, effectiveness and affordability. Nubax has developed a portable spinal decompression unit which is perfect for use in the home. it comes with video instructions to maximize the benefits the device. The degree of traction applied to the spine is under the users’ complete control.


Go ahead, click below to order the leading natural treatment for lower back pain. Order the Nubax® Trio today.

All structural /soft parts are covered under warranty for a full year and the device carries a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. If your back pain is not reduced you may return it and we will gladly refund your purchase price.