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Lower Back Pain Relief Products

Having Trouble Finding Back Pain Relief Products that Work?

Do you consider your back issues irreversible having resigned to living the rest of your life with painful symptoms? Are you sceptical about any real solutions?

Your scepticism is legitimate.

There are a myriad of back pain relief products that are supposed to “put an end to back pain”. However, after perhaps a slight improvement, there is no clear sustained reversal of spinal damage incurred during many years.

stepsThere are various lower back pain relief products on the market. However, many of the lower back pain remedies do not address the root of the problem and many of the supposed best back pain relief products only provide temporary relief.

What Are the Most Reliable Lower Back Pain Relief Products?

Finding the right treatment to relieve your pain can be confusing. There are so many back pain relief products to choose from. Inversion tables or chairs are amongst the best back pain relief products currently available on the market. However, inversion is contraindicated in people with heart or circulatory conditions. Also, people with glaucoma or suffering from acid reflux should not invert. Nor should women invert when pregnant. Being upside down places a great deal of stress on the circulatory system. It is also inconvenient and potentially unpleasant. Alternative back pain relief products that produce sufficient traction for therapeutic benefits require the use of pneumatic belts springs and weights. While simpler lower back pain relief products might be affordable, they do not produce a traction that will result in spinal decompression needed to relieve the pain.

Medicinal back pain relief products such as the consistent use of pain killers and anti inflammatories only mask the symptoms of your back pain and do not provide a permanent or sustainable solution. We live in a society that is used to taking drugs. However, as information around drug side effects become more publicised, there is a growing trend to actively seek drug free alternatives.

Should you resort to surgical intervention on your lower back? Surgical intervention is believed by many professionals and sufferers alike to be a “last resort” for back pain sufferers. It is expensive, high risk and may result in lost mobility for the patient.

Your spinal discs, albeit dehydrated or perforated, are still very valuable with an amazing potential to rehydrate and restore, as demonstrated by dozens of clinical trials using the Nubax Trio back pain relief products.

Nubax – Back Pain Relief Products with a Difference

The Nubax Trio is the only clinically trialled back traction device on the market for personal use. Unlike other back pain relief products, traction or ‘stretching’ the spine with the Nubax Trio does not involve hanging upside down. The potential health risks and physical awkwardness associated with inversion therapy of other lower back pain relief products can therefore be avoided.

Additionally, the traction exerted by the Nubax device has been empirically validated in clinical trials at the University of Western Australia (UWA). It’s no wonder Nubax is regarded as one of the best back pain relief products on the market.

Two crucial contributions to the safety of the device are:

  1. The application of Nubax traction to the spine is under the users’ complete control
  2. The device maintains the spine in a neutral position and keeping the shoulders and hips in correct alignment

There’s a reason the Nubax® Trio is one of the leading natural lower back pain relief products in Australia – a near 100% success rate for many thousands of patients.

Unlike other back pain relief products, all structural /soft parts of the Nubax Trio are covered under warranty for a full year. The device also carries a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. If your back pain is not reduced you may return it and we will gladly refund your purchase price.


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