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Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Discover True Relief from Sciatica with Nubax

Sciatica is a debilitating and exceedingly painful condition. Sciatic pain treatment is crucial and relief is almost immediate when using the Nubax Trio.

stepsImmobilisation, injury, lack of use and age lead to a gradual decrease in our glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which in turn leads to a parallel loss in water content.  As daily ‘wear & tear’ eventually become greater than the recuperative abilities of our spines, our backs will feel progressively stiffer and is the natural aging evolution of our spines.

The vertebra was initially comfortably supported by a spinal disc and the tendons and ligaments that hold the surrounding muscles. This gradually disintegrates and increases the risk of compression of the sciatic nerve roots. Additionally the damaged spinal discs may bulge outside the inter-vertebral cavity, either as a protrusion or in the form of a disc herniation.

These bulges worsen the situation by frequently compressing on a nerve root, irritating the sciatic nerve. This is exceedingly painful and the stage where many look for sciatic nerve pain relief. This is when sciatic pain treatment delivered by the Nubax Trio is at its best. Drug free, surgery free.

Sufferers will understand that relief from sciatica is urgent. The priority in any sciatic pain treatment must be to reduce the pressure forced on your nerve roots and to restore the spine by increasing the water content in the disc. Removing pressure from the glycosaminoglycan’s (GAGs) and releasing water maximises the recuperative and mobile properties of a person’s spine.

The Nubax Difference: Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Nubax® Trio is the leading natural treatment to obtain relief from sciatica with a near 100% success rate. It has done so for many thousands of patients.

Nubax’s patented ‘scissor action’ delivers all the benefits of traction for sciatic nerve pain relief. It does so whilst maintaining the spine in a neutral position.

The CLINICALLY TRIALED Nubax Trio will enable you to have sciatic nerve pain relief and return you to the life you love. It will:

  • Relieve pain by reducing the nerve root pressure
  • Improve your mobility and flexibility
  • Prevent future injuries
  • Reduce the fear of injuring your back again
  • Resolve hernias
  • Realigned vertebrae
  • Regain thickness and elasticity for nerves previously in pinched spaces
  • Regenerate spinal discs
  • Rehydrate the vertebrae and spinal discs

The Nubax® Trio weighs 7 ½ kg, and is fully portable. The Nubax® technology is patented with Clinical trials conducted at the University of Western Australia. The trials concluded that use of the Nubax® Trio consistently achieve better results for sciatic pain treatment than relying solely on commonly prescribed forms of manipulation, massage and other exercises for their back pain.

Nubax can be safely adopted as a self-care strategy at home and it. The application of Nubax traction to the spine for sciatic nerve pain relief is under the users’ complete control.


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The product is flat packed and comes with video instructions to maximize both the benefits and the comfort of the device.

It is available for a full 30 day money back guarantee on the purchase price if you decide that Nubax isn’t for you. No questions asked.