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Ground-Breaking Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Nubax Lower Back Injury Treatment

So what is the best treatment for lower back pain?

The best way to treat lower back pain is spinal traction. This has been verified by many clinical studies.

stepsThe Nubax Trio is a portable traction device which transforms the practice of spinal traction or axial decompression in the treatment of lower back pain.

Clinically Tested: Best Lower Pack Pain Remedies

Axial decompression has been performed in the U.S. since the 80’s on large machines that cost tens of thousands of dollars. This modality of spinal traction as a treatment for lower back pain was very inconvenient because it meant travelling to specialized centres several times a week. In many countries this form of lower pack injury treatment was not subsidised by health care schemes. Physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors could never justify such large investments.

These difficulties have now been overcome thanks to an Australian invention that is revolutionising the practice of spinal traction in the treatment of lower back pain.

When it comes to lower back pain remedies, The Nubax Trio is truly revolutionary. It can apply axial decompression through a patented lever action. By suspending your body over a common pivot point, whilst being held symmetrically at hips and shoulders, a stretch is created as gravity gradually forces the waist and the shoulders apart.

This allows for ease of use and maximum control of the degree of stretch. This is preferable to hanging upside down in an unnatural and potentially dangerous position used in inversion therapy. The Nubax® Trio provides a lever action that stretches the lower and mid back to relieve discal pressure and promote self-healing in a horizontal position, rather than vertically.

Yes, inversion therapy can be beneficial to alleviate or reduce back pain. However, it’s not without its risks, costs and inconveniences that can be avoided using the Nubax® Trio.

Discover the Nubax Difference

What sets the Nubax apart from other lower back pain remedies is its convenience. The device is light and portable (16 ½ lbs) and recommended to be used twice a day for 3 minutes each. The treatment for back spasms and the treatment for lower back pain has now become available in the comfort of your own home. Additionally lower back injury treatment has now become more affordable.

When is the best time to administer treatment for lower back pain?

Sleeping puts the least amount of pressure on the spine in relation to a normal day of work or recreation. Therefore, the ideal time to apply a reduction in pressure on the spinal column is just before going to bed so that the spine receives the maximum amount of pressure relief, together with the natural recuperative processes that occur during a good night’s sleep.

There’s a reason the Nubax® Trio is the leading natural treatment for lower back pain with a near 100% success rate for many thousands of patients.

The CLINICALLY TRIALLED (conducted at the University of Western Australia) Nubax Trio is one of the best lower back pain remedies and will maintain a pain free healthy back.

It will also return you to the life you love to lead. It will :

  • Increase the flexibility and mobility of your spine
  • Reduce lower back pain by alleviating pressure on the nerve roots
    • Allow fluid into the intervertebral cavities
    • Regenerate dehydrated discs
    • Promote recovery and revitalisation of your spinal structures
    • Prevent future injuries
    • Dismiss the constant fear of injuring your back again
    • Create a suction force from the centre of the spinal disc, resolving hernias or protrusions
    • Realign vertebrae, resume the correct vertebral positions relative to each other
    • Release pinched nerves from compressed spaces
    • Help maintain the overall health of your lower back
  • Prevent reoccurrence

The main advantage of Nubax for lower back injury treatment is that it can be safely adopted as a self-care strategy at home and it comes with video instructions to maximize both the benefits and the comfort of the device. The application of Nubax traction to the spine is under the users’ complete control.


Go ahead, click below to order the leading natural treatment for lower back pain. Order the Nubax® Trio today.

All structural /soft parts are covered under warranty for a full year.

Additionally The Nubax device carries with it a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. If your back pain is not reduced you may return it and we will gladly refund your purchase price.