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Nubax™ Therapeautic Back Stretch Machine

Put an end to back pain with Nubax, a therapeutic back traction device that works in as little as three minutes, three times a day. Get relief from your back pain as you rediscover pain-free living. Order your Nubax risk-free today!

What is Nubax™?

Nubax™ is a patented device that uses a scissor-like action to give a gentle form of traction to the spine. It can assist in strengthening the spine and maintaining the health of your back as a part of your routine fitness regimen. Nubax™ is portable, lightweight, easy to use and under your control at all times. Nubax™ uses a clinically tested technique that provides proven results to people who may have lost hope of ever feeling better. Our device is guaranteed to get you back to doing what you love or your money back—be it playing with your children, gardening, or simply enjoying life.

Unlike other devices on the market, you can rest assured that Nubax™ has been clinically tested on being effective in spinal decompression. The Nubax™ uses gravity to initiate a stretch whereas other products that require you to be in a standing position will not achieve the same level of relief.