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Get back to enjoying your life with our simple-to-use and clinically tested Nubax therapeutic traction and spinal decompression machine, designed to reduce and relieve back pain in just three minutes, three times a day. Our money-back guarantee offers you the ability to try Nubax firsthand and feel the difference that it can make in your life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Rory Richardson
Surprised me

I was a little sceptical however...
I do suffer with a worn discs in my lower back and using this has actually giving me alot of relief in my lower back, I even fell the relief for days afterwards so I'm definitely glad I got it.


Both myself & my better half have had back issues for many years and recent flare ups resulted in ongoing physio/chiro to keep mobile. I hobbled into my favourite shop one day and the attendant noticed and suggested trying Nubax as he had to give up his job as a builder due to a crook back 10 years before. He tried one then, has used it ever since & and never looked back - pun intended:-) Talked to the Missus and we decided to take a punt on Nubax. Easy ordering & fast delivery for the time of year - New Years! The Nubax was easy to assemble and appears to be of a sufficiently robust construction to last many years. We tried it out immediately and have been doing the recommended twice-daily, three-minute routine ever since. We're still seeing our physio/chiro who endorsed use of the Nubax and reckon we're at about a 90% improvement. We would therefore highly recommend giving Nubax a go, especially with your GP/physio/chiro's endorsement. Many thanks from two very happy users of Nubax:-)

Kevin Borich
Now he can surf agin

My Brother in- law was suffering horrific backpain, We bought him a
NuBax - seven weeks of using it 3 times a day he had his first surf last week and is thrilled!!


I recently suffered from debilitating back pain and nerve impingement. A friend introduced me to Nubax. The Nubax has played a significant role in the treatment and remediation of my back. I am now pain free and back to running regularly. I was so impressed, I bought my own Nubax which I now use daily. This device is worth the money!

Sharlene Wagner
Title is really good

Really happy with the machine...helps ease back pain so well for me.
Easy to use and convenient.