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Get back to enjoying your life with our simple-to-use and clinically tested Nubax therapeutic traction and spinal decompression machine, designed to reduce and relieve back pain in just three minutes, three times a day. Our money-back guarantee offers you the ability to try Nubax firsthand and feel the difference that it can make in your life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Ray Mcmartin
Nubax back stretching machine

Excellent product,, I have had pain in my lower for over 50 years, I have tried every product on the market and have visited people specialising in back pain in many countries with no relief, I have only had the Nubax machine for two weeks and have already had relief

Rachel Thomas
Best $450 ever spent

I’ve had a nubax on loan from my chiro and it has saved my back and me from being nearly crippled! Consider what you would pay a chiro each session for flexion distraction treatment.. this will keep you out of their rooms! Love it

Andrew Hudson
Great for Chronic Low Back Pain

I bought my Nubax 8 years ago and have been very happy with it. As a Chiropractor that has owned multiple inversion tables and $20000 Spinal Decompression Tables, I can say that the traction from the Nubax is Different than anything out there. Definitely worth a try!

Helps my lower back without blood rushing to my head

Tried to use an inversion table. But I couldn't deal with the blood rushing to my head when hanging upside down. This is a slow, gentle way to relieve compressed disks in my lower back.

Dallas Wade
Too Soon

My View -- too early to say -- Cheers Dallas W