Terms and Conditions


There are no minimum requirements for orders.


Prices are subject to change without notice. The advertised price includes GST.

Payment Terms

Nubax will not be dispatched until the full payment has been received and the order has been processed.


Nubax is not liable for any damages to the Nubax machine that occur during freight. Nubax will send any replacement parts required free of charge.


International Orders

Nubax cannot be return for a refund on international orders.
Shipping costs do not include any custom duties or import taxes subject to each country.

Dispatch and Delivery Policy

Once a purchase has been received, Nubax will process the payment and order a Nubax traction device to be dispatched from the warehouse. Once this is done, Nubax will notify the customer with a tracking number to monitor delivery. The delivery period is subject to change depending on the location. Nubax holds no responsibility to cover additional taxes and customs duties which may incur in some countries.

Terms and Conditions | Nubax Pty Ltd