How to Use Nubax Spinal Decompression Machine?

Nubax™ is a revolutionary device that is simple to use for anyone. Even children and pregnant women can find relief with Nubax, though we recommend pregnant women check with their doctor first. Unlike other devices on the market, you can rest assured that Nubax™ has been clinically tested on being effective in spinal decompression. The Nubax™ uses a gravitational pull to initiate a stretch whereas other products that require you to be in a standing position will not achieve the same level of relief.

Those weighing up to 330 pounds can use Nubax. You’ll be provided with a manual and DVD that make it simple to understand how to adjust your Nubax device to suit your needs and how to use it for the best results.

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Proven Results with Nubax™ | Back Stretching Machine