Nubax™ Vs. Inversion Therapy

Nubax™ Vs. Inversion Therapy

Nubax is a therapeutic traction device that has been clinically tested numerous times to show life-changing results. There is no assistance required; you can create the stretch in your back that relieves your condition without needing help. It’s simple to use and apply, even for those with limited mobility.

The Dangers of Inversion Therapy

An inversion table involves the use of an upside-down posture that claims to reverse gravity’s effects on the spine. It has been found, however, to raise blood pressure, increase eye pressure and lower the heart rate, making it dangerous for many to use. It cannot be used for those who have diseases of the heart or eye, high blood pressure or for pregnant women. Nubax, in contrast, has no such contraindications. It is suitable for anyone, though we recommend you consult with your doctor if you are pregnant.

An Unparalleled Technique

Nubax utilizes forces that are completely different from any other form of therapy. Your spine is held in a neutral position with your shoulders and hips aligned. With use just 2-3 times a day for a few minutes, you can create the space between the vertebrae of the spine. You won’t experience a head rush, upset stomach or sore ankles and knees. Order your Nubax today to start feeling better tomorrow.

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