Proven Results

The Science Behind Nubax

Nubax™ was developed after extensive research into how traction relieves back pain combined with an investigation of the needs of back pain sufferers worldwide. With over 100,000 satisfied customers around the globe, we’re proud to offer the leading back traction device for alleviating back pain.

Nubax is registered with the Food and Drug Administration, the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, Health Canada and conforms to the European Directives.

A Proven Method of Back Pain Relief

The form of axial decompression, or traction, used by Nubax has been studied by practitioners such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and medical doctors. Its proven results have been supported in a clinical trial conducted by the School of Human Movement and Exercise Science and School of Surgery and Pathology at the University of Western Australia.

Nubax has conducted additional testing that supports its results including:

  • Creating a suctioning force inside the disc’s nucleus, allowing a hernia to be drawn in
  • Improving blood circulation around vertebrae and the invertebral cavity
  • Increasing the mobility of back pain sufferers
  • Rebuilding the vertebral discs
  • Relieving lower back pain
  • Relieving pain related to spinal stenosis, facet osteoarthritis, spondylolisthesis and other vertebral pathologies
  • Relieving radiculopathy, sciatica or cruralgia

The clinical studies performed show that Nubax improves back pain by 85-90%. These studies are performed during periods of less than three months, but the customer testimonials we receive by the thousands support the results that continue over longer periods.

Put back pain behind you by ordering Nubax today!

Proven Results with Nubax™ | Back Stretching Machine