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Nubax has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, helping those with conditions including sciatica, scoliosis, disc issues, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and abnormal spinal curvature. The results are supported by the incredible success stories that people have shared. Nubax has also been featured on A Current Affair and Today Tonight.

Below, you can find out more about the many miracles we’re proud to have been a part of.

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Success for Olympic Hockey Player

“An injury to my lower back in 2005 made it nearly impossible for me to compete at the elite level as a member of the Australian Hockey Olympic squad. Even getting through a training session became too difficult and after almost a decade as a professional sportsman, the pain became too much. One of the boys at the Australian Institute of Sport put me on to the Nubax Trio as he had a lot of success with it himself. I started to use it before and after training as I had been receiving traction as a form of treatment from the team physio. Since then I’ve been playing and training with out any problems- I reckon that my back is as good as it has been for a long time.

The Nubax Trio has been a great help to me and I would recommend that anyone with a back problem should give it a go. I’m due to retire at the end of the Beijing Olympics and am looking forward to waking up in the morning pain free thanks to Nubax.”

-Bevan George

Help for Low Back Pain

“For many years I had continual pain from my lower back caused by compression of my lower vertebrae pressuring the nerves, which in turn caused muscle spasms and extreme sharp pain. The only relief was from pain killers and/or hanging upside down on the monkey bars at the local park. The local chiro also provided some relief.

Since trying and then buying a Nubax® Trio the changes have amazed me. I could feel a big improvement within a few days. The traction continually stretched and straightened my spine, the muscle spasm disappeared and my lower back regained flexibility and is now mostly pain free. It has definitely improved my quality of life.

The Nubax® Trio is simple to use and can be used any time- no appointment needed. I use my Nubax® Trio just before bed every night and after a warm shower in the morning. I also use it during the day if the need arises. In the four or five years since I first started using the Nubax® Trio, I have not been to see a chiropractor- not even once!

I thoroughly recommend Nubax Trio to anyone suffering lower back pain. It has definitely worked for me.”

-Ron Ward

Low Back & Leg Pain

“I was in terrific pain in the lower back and legs, visiting the Chiropractor and having deep muscle massages regularly and taking anti-inflammatories to help relieve the pain. I looked up the Nubax® site on the internet and found out how to order this product. I received my Nubax® Trio just before last Christmas and immediately started using it and since that time I have not looked back. I am a new me, I don’t rely on pain killers anymore; and I am able to go shopping by myself and push the trolley around-all without pain.”

-Colleen Wildman

Slipped Discs

“I think more people should know about this product because if I did not have it for the last 15 years I think I would not be able to continue working as I have 2 slipped disks in my lower back. It puts things back in place after having bent down on the wrong way. I wish I could take it with me on holidays. I end up not travelling much cause I can’t be away from Nubax for too many days. I am 56 years old. Thanks again!”

-Rita Cachia

Help for Cyclist

“After 27 years of a hard international cycling career on the road, velodrome and dirt, a herniated L5, S1 disc finally took me off the bike. The Nubax Trio got me back on! I have at last found a way of keeping my back in shape allowing me to do what I need to do that is the every day things in my life. I wish this machine was available 10 years ago and my riding career may have been longer and stronger. Well done on the Nubax Trio guys and well done for keeping it simple and affordable.”

-Tony Davis

Herniated Discs

“Hi guys, just a quick note to say how effective your Nubax® traction device is. I had lower back troubles (bulged discs L4-L5, L5-S1) that with regular Chiro treatment and daily nubax use have allowed me to return to Ironman triathlon training and racing. I can’t speak highly enough of the very simple to use Nubax® device, it has saved my life! and now my Chiro is recommending it to all his clients, even he cant believe how effective it has been. Thanks so much! I am alive again.”

-Ben Monro

Bulging Discs Resolved

“I couldn’t sit in a chair for more than a few minutes. When I did, the discs in my spine would bulge, causing pressure on the nerves in my back. Now, after using the Nubax Trio for nearly four months, my symptoms have reoccurred only once and I’m able to last a lot longer sitting in chairs. The best thing is that when I know I’ve caused some minor bulging in the discs, I can use the Nubax Trio before I go to bed and by the morning, I’m fine.”

-Jim Stynes

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