The human body is a wonder, and no other physical body part has the dexterity or functions quite like our spine. However, regardless of the incredible flexibility and strength of our lower backs, they are prone to a range of problems without proper ongoing care.

There are many ways to prevent lower back pain regardless of your age, from drinking plenty of water to regular stretching and back exercises. If you are already suffering from chronic back pain, you may need to take additional measures to treat this pain and prevent hip, leg, and neck problems.

Read on to learn all about back pain, from relieving symptoms to achieving long-term pain relief results.

What are the different forms of lower back pain?

The two types of lumbar spine pain are acute and chronic back pain. The sudden presence of intense pain is classified as acute and typically occurs as a result of an injury (from sporting or work-related incidents or simple daily tasks at home or at leisure, from lifting, twisting or bending at the wrong time.). This can last from a few days to a few weeks.

Chronic back pain includes those suffering for three or more months, with pain becoming progressively worse over time. While it can be age-related, many people develop chronic pain from an old or undiagnosed injury. Sources of chronic back pain include disc problems, arthritis, spinal stenosis, and myofascial pain syndrome.

What are the common causes of lower back pain?

There are many different reasons people experience lumbar spine pain:

  • Poor posture – sitting hunched over is a bad habit that causes strain on the spine over time. This makes your daily work environment an important aspect to improve when tackling chronic back pain.
  • Muscle deconditioning – also known as muscle atrophy, chronic pain is caused as your back and core muscles weaken and destabilise through age or lack of physical activity.
  • Ageing – the likelihood of chronic lower back pain increases as we get older, but it can be delayed, prevented or at least minimised with some proactive interventions.
  • Injuries – high-impact accidents can result in serious pain later in life.  No matter how your injury occurred, a car accident or playing sport, etc. Paying attention to what triggers your chronic pain is important. As it will assist in discovering an effective method of managing, reducing or alleviating the pain..
  • Repetition – sitting in the same position, lifting both heavy and light objects, performing repetitive movements,  or sleeping with inadequate support can all have a big impact on our bodies over time.

How do I prevent lower back pain?

Consistent stretching and exercise combined with a proactive credible aid like Nubax is an – effective way to prevent lower back pain. This allows you to strengthen core muscles for essential spine support, as well as protect your back when lifting or carrying out everyday activities.

Other key tips include investing in ergonomically comfortable and supportive furniture, such as office chairs, couches and beds. And eliminating or minimising daily stresses on the spine that can inflame or irritate your lower back.

What is the best way to treat lumbar spine pain?

Pinched nerves to long-term disc issues – even rheumatoid arthritis – can be helped with the safe use of a Nubax therapeutic traction device.  The Nubax Therapeutic Spinal Traction Device effectiveness is enhanced when used regularly alongside other proactive measures as previously mentioned as well as other therapeutic treatments, such as chiropractic or physiotherapy. consistent stretching and tailored exercises, incorporating the Nubax allow your spine to decompress and improves access of the discs to much-needed nutrition.

Prevent lower back pain effectively with Nubax

Nubax is a long-term solution to the painful effects of chronic back pain. Unlike medication or costly procedures, a one-off purchase of a Nubax Spinal Traction device allows you to manage, reduce or eliminate back pain safely from the comfort of your own home.

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