Convinced that your uncomfortable office chair is causing you back pain? You’re probably right! Musculoskeletal back problems make up a significant percentage of all work-related injuries, and that unsupportive chair is often to blame.

Dealing with office chair back pain may feel like a losing battle – after all most of us cannot afford to move jobs simply due to too much computer time.

However, there are several effective methods for preventing and caring for back pain – read on to learn more.

Common back problems caused by office chairs

Humans were not built to sit long hours in uncomfortable positions, and the widespread back pain and discomfort experienced by many people shows this to be true. From pinched nerves and lower back pain to severe stiffness and disc issues, there are many widespread conditions.

As our bodies were designed to be active the combination of sitting down for hours, poor sitting postures such as slouching, and an unsupportive desk chair can cause a host of painful back issues due to undesirable pressure being placed on your spine.

While back problems at an office job may seem inevitable, the good news is there is a simple and effective option that we can use to lessen the risk of injury and improve existing back pain.

How to prevent and care for chair-related back pain

Sitting hunched forward, straining for hours, with your spine out of alignment is a surefire way of inducing office chair back pain. The following tips clarify exactly how to prevent chair-related back pain and care for existing issues:

Adjust your space

Select a table and chair that’s the right height for you, and where you feel comfortable working for long periods. Regardless of how great your office chair is it will need to be adjusted to suit your proportions, with your resting eye level focused straight ahead and objects easily within reach.

Seating ergonomics

Get an office chair with proper ergonomic support, which is designed to assist you to sit upright with your back touching the back of the chair – use additional cushioning to fill gaps and make sure your feet sit flat on the floor.


Abdominal workouts like sit-ups strengthen your core and reduces pressure on your spine. Relieving pressure on the spine through regular stretching with at-home therapeutic traction devices like back stretching machine Nubax is great for relieving spinal aches and back pains.

Quick relief

To relieve muscle tension fast simply rock your pelvis forward and back, tilting your hips up and down to loosen those back muscles.

Treating office chair back pain

One transformative solution for back pain is spinal decompression, where therapeutic traction device relieves pain in under three minutes. At-home devices like Nubax a lower back decompression at home allow you to relieve discomfort at any time, at any location, for issues like hernias, slipped discs, pinched nerves, degeneration, sciatica, general stiffness, and arthritis, among others.

When accompanied by suitable exercises for back pain, consistent use of Nubax three times a day, can assist in relieving back pain, and aid in the prevention of further deterioration of your condition.

Relieve back pain with Nubax

Nubax is renowned as a credible back pain solution, dedicated to helping people relieve their chronic pain and live a happier, healthier life. While seating ergonomics is important, those with existing back pain can greatly benefit from the gentle scissor-like action of Nubax back stretching machine.

Purchase a Nubax traction device online now to relieve your back pain.