Don’t be deceived by the hype.

Read this notice and make a wise decision about your purchase.

To develop an effective stretch, traction, or decompression force for your spine you need to generate sufficient Neuton forces along your spine.

The method used by the stand-up devices similar to the Spine Stretch, Stamina Inline, or TaxUp is questionable to say the least.

They have copied the Nubax Trio device and placed it on legs because it looks convenient and easier to use.

But does it still provide an effective stretch for your back???

Here is a simple exercise for you to try for yourself to determine if it works or not. The choice is yours, its your money and its your back and spine.

I assume for your money you would want a credible device that works.

Try standing upright with your hands by your side.

Now bend forward from your waist, until the trunk of your body is horizontal with the ground.

You will see that you can easily support your upper body weight in this STANDING position.

Now kneel on the floor.

With your body upright and your hands again by your side.

Now try to bend forward from your waist. Do not crouch down, keep your legs completely upright.

You will se that you cannot lean very far forward before you begin to fall.

Your upper body weight in the kneeling position is completely unsupported and falls freely forwards.

It is this free-falling body weight, along with gravity that the leverage action of the Nubax Trio uses to develop adequate Newton forces along your spine to generate a credible and effective stretch and decompression of your spine.

In a standing position there is no free-falling weight to generate the required forces to generate and effective stretch for your back or spine.

The Nubax Trio offers a 30-day money back guarantee trial period.

Nubax have conducted clinical trials that have verified the effectiveness of the Nubax Trio.

The Nuabx is proven since the 1990’s and it’s a listed therapeutic device with the TGA (Therapeutic Administration of Australia), the FDA in the USA, The Authorised Regulatory Body for therapeutic devise in Europe and in Canada.

You may say that the other devices like the Spine Stretch are much cheaper. Well yes, of course they are. It is much cheaper to copy claims and other technology. Rather than outlaying the required money researching, developing and testing proto types and conducting clinical trials.

But is the device worth anything to you at all even for free if it doesn’t really work???

If you want some reassurance that the product you are purchasing is credible and actually does what it claims, then you may need to pay a little for its development and verification.

Isn’t that reasonable and fair!?

Your choice.