Studies have shown that lower back pain is the second leading cause of disability, with 70% of US sufferers, and 45% of European afflicted treating chronic pain with opioid medications. Using a Nubax back stretching machine for just ten minutes a day can significantly lower the need for medications, providing natural, drug-free and effective back pain treatment! By stretching the long muscles of the back, opening up space between the vertebrae and pulling the spine in to alignment, the Nubax back traction device offers back pain relief that is long term and sustainable. Here are some short term stretches you can also try to help with muscular pains!

The Downward Dog

Most will be familiar with this yoga move. It aims to stretch the whole back side from head to heel. By stretching the whole back side of your body, myofascial tissues will be released, and tension causing referred pain elsewhere will be stretched out. Start by kneeling on the ground, preferably on a mat or towel, with your hands directly under your shoulders and spread your fingers wide. Tuck your toes under and push yourself off the floor whilst keeping your hands and feet on the ground. Relax your neck muscles and take some deep breathes. Hold this position for a up to a minute and then release.

The Lying Knee Twist

This stretch will help loosen tension in the muscles that run along the spine and will help to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Lying on your back with your legs extended out, bend your right knee up in to the air and curve it over the left side of your body. Hold this position for half a minute in a spot that you feel a gentle stretch. When rotating back to the centre position, tighten your stomach muscles, and then resume to lying down flat. Repeat this process 4 times on each side, this will give back pain relief.

The Superman

This exercise aims to strengthen the muscles around your lumbar spine, or lower back. The lower back is often where most back pain occurs and pain in this area can limit your daily activities substantially. Lie down on your stomach with your legs and arms in line with each other, stretching up and down. Draw your stomach muscles up away from the floor and pull your shoulders down away from your ears. Squeeze the muscles in your stomach, back and legs to lift your arms and legs up off the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and then release and repeat about 10 times. You can also use our best lumbar traction device for treating lumbar pain.

The Knee to Chest Stretch

By lengthening your back muscles, tension and pain can be helped. This stretch aims to do just that and stretches the muscles that may be tight along your spine. In a lying down position on your back, point your toes as far as comfortable, and lay your hands by your sides. Take a deep breathe and draw your knees up toward your chest area, use your hands underneath the knees to help pull your legs up. Once they are in place, hold this position for 30 seconds and then release to the starting position slowly. Repeat this movement 5 times, with rests in between.

Our Back Stretching Device

As with all exercises or stretches make sure you are in comfortable clothes and have plenty of room to move. Don’t over-exert yourself and stay with in a pain free range. These stretches can be used in conjunction with a Nubax device to help speed up recovery time. Nubax the home back traction device will treat any postural abnormalities and pathologies that may be causing back pain, returning you back to your life, naturally!