Chances are, you’re reading this article with your shoulders slumped, and your head and neck protruded.

With many of us spending our days sitting at the computer, not to mention the amount of time we spend on our smart devices, it’s no surprise our postures aren’t tip-top.

The Problems That Come with Bad Posture

When you don’t sit or stand up straight, everything from your pecs, and shoulders to your lower back and hip flexors can become pain points.

Apart from a bad posture taking inches off your height and making you look less slim than you really are – it can also place unnecessary pressure on your joints and muscles. This results in them tensing up and getting tired; an invitation for neck, shoulder and lower back pain, not to mention tension headaches and migraines. These can all get in the way of your workouts, work-productivity and your home and social life.

A good posture on the other hand will have you looking longer and leaner, while reducing the load on your joints and muscles, so that you can get on with your life without pain and stiffness getting in the way.

Here Are Six Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

Look in the mirror

A good place to start! Stand in front of a mirror, front on and side on, so that you can spot the errors in your standing posture. To really stand up straight, place your feet hip-width apart, and keep your weight on the balls of your feet. Draw your stomach in and pelvis up, while moving your shoulders down and back. Pretend a thread is attached to the top of your head, drawing it up to the ceiling.

Stretch Your Shoulders

Or more specifically, your rhomboids, the muscles between your shoulders. Simply draw one arm across the front of your body and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise up to twice a day and you’ll find your shoulders start to feel looser.

Rework How You Sit

You want your bottom to be at the back of the chair, your core engaged, and your feet flat on the floor. This applies not just when you’re at work, but when you’re at the dinner table, in the driver’s seat, or wherever else you place your bottom.

Engage Your Core

The mid-section of your body is the core that holds us upright- the front, sides and back of it, as well as your pelvic floor. A strong and engaged core encourages your spine to lengthen, while ensuring your neck, shoulders and back are supported.

Don’t Dismiss Your ‘Sleep Posture’

To keep your standing and sitting posture in good form, it’s important to maintain the curve in your back while you sleep. If you sleep on your back, try sleeping with a pillow under your knees. If you sleep on your side, avoid falling asleep in fetal position as this can strain your neck. And replace that old mattress and pillow!

Try A Posture Correction Machine

The Nubax back stretching machine is small and compact, enabling you to stretch your back from the comfort of your home, reducing the costly need for other therapies. As you face frontward and lean forward, the Nubax aligns your spine with your hips, so to correct your posture. It also separates the vertebrae of your spine, increasing blood flow and nutrition to the area.

A good three-minute stretch on the Nubax stretching machine means a straighter posture, better back movement, and a healthier, happier body all-round. Try it for yourself today; you’ll see and feel the difference in your posture.