As the weather finally changes to beautiful blue-sky days, the urge to get out and about to enjoy the sunshine is heightened! Sufferers of back pain however, know all too well that certain activities are out of the question as they exacerbate the pain and inflammation of an already tender condition. Using Nubax back traction device in conjunction with already established therapies, spinal issues can be relieved with more proficiency; and with both short term and long-term benefit! Try using Nubax home back traction device with these other common pain remedies to get you back to enjoying life!

Herbal Medicines with Nubax

Herbs have been used for eons for their various medicinal properties! Turmeric is a wonderful spice that is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It works wonders with any type of inflammation and may assist in reducing pain. Curcumin is the active constituent that has the anti-inflammatory effect, so by taking a concentration of that particular part in a supplement form will yield far better results than just eating or drinking the spice alone. Most formulas over the counter will almost always include black pepper to aid in the digestion and utilisation of this important ingredient in the body! By using traction and separating the joints of the spine, circulation is enhanced meaning more nutrients can be circulated throughout the vertebrae! Nubax will aid in the deliverance of the anti-inflammatory properties of any pain medication to the spine. Nubax decompression machine for back pain also stretches the muscles along the spine which can also provide much needed pain relief and improve mobility of the back muscles, getting you back outdoors pain free!

Nutritional Support with Nubax

Joint formulas are a great way to supplement your diet and avoid deficiencies in the building blocks of bone and cartilage! Glucosamine and chondroitin are the more common ingredients in most over the counter joint formulas, and they act to help build up degenerated cartilage and to help lubricate the joint cavities. Whilst using a joint formula may be useful on its own, when used in conjunction with the Nubax back traction device these essential nutrients are delivered to where they are needed most far more efficiently! Nubax lower back stretching equipment  also corrects postural abnormalities, realigning the spine with the hips and the shoulders. This means that any further degeneration of the joint can be prevented, and mobility restored, making it easier for you to get back to a normal range of movement!

Physical Therapies with Nubax

Physiotherapy, chiropractic practices, and remedial massage therapy can all be used efficiently with a Nubax traction device. In fact, in most cases combining any of the therapies with Nubax back machine can have a far more pronounced effect on recovery time and results! Because of our busy lifestyles, getting in to see a therapist can often be delayed when you need it the most. With Nubax back machine though, pain relief can be achieved in the comfort of you own home, on your time, and independently! By using a lever like motion and your own body weight, Nubax can stretch the spine to create less tension and pain in your back! Correcting postural misalignments using other physical therapies is a much easier process whilst using Nubax back machine , getting you back to what you love doing!

Relieve Pain, Restore Motion & Restart Life!