Common Back Pain

Ever since man stood upright gravity has been compressing our spines, and today’s modern lifestyle has only exacerbated the problem. Sitting for long periods, bending, lifting, twisting and generally subjecting our spines to jars and jolts that they are not designed to cope with all take a toll. Eventually, these activities lead to some form of back injury or disorder that can be very painful, partially debilitating or even result in total loss of mobility.

Disc compression is the cause of many back problems. The discs are the shock absorbers of our spine and need to be healthy, pliable, and strong to withstand the pressures that are constantly placed upon them. Without proper care, they become compressed and stiff and prone to injury and damage. If this situation is not addressed, it waits like a time bomb. The longer we leave our spine in this condition the more likely we are to have back problems.

Compression of the discs can alter their shape and have a negative domino effect on all the structures of the spine. Disc- narrowing places extra strain on the facet joints and reduces the efficiency of small, but crucial, deep intervertebral muscles. It can also cause pressure on the nerves and degeneration of the vertebrae. All of which leads to pain and immobility, which in turn has a detrimental effect on our lifestyle.

The Solution

Traction has long been an accepted and proven method of reducing back pain by taking pressure off the spine and promoting disc re-expansion and re-hydration. Until now, traction has been uncomfortable and difficult to access and apply personally.

Methods involving inversion (hanging upside down) are often bulky, unappealing and not suitable for many people, such as those who are pregnant, have high or low blood pressure, heart conditions, stomach reflux problems, or the elderly.

The Nubax a back decompression machine is the solution for effective home traction to reduce pain and maintain a healthy spine. The Nubax spinal decompression equipment will reduce pressure on the spine, promoting disc re-expansion and re-hydration.

It will reduce pain in the first instance and then promote the healing of the discs, reducing the re-occurrence of painful and debilitating conditions through continued and regular use. Unlike many drug therapies, continued use of Nubax lower back decompression machine will not harm your body. In fact, it will promote a healthier back and work towards preventing future back problems.


  • Light weight and compact. Easily stored and transported
  • Quick and easy to use, no assistance required, uses your own body weight
  • Effective gentle but strong static traction applied only to your back
  • Correct alignment of shoulders and spine by stabilised shoulder and pelvic support
  • Relief whenever you want it where ever you are
  • No ongoing costs or maintenance